The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

IEEJ Energy Seminar

Theme Date Program Presentation Materials Minutes Note
The 148th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”IEA Oil 2019-Analysis and Forecast to 2024-" 2019.4.26 File  
The 147th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”China-Japan-Korea Joint Energy Workshop Outreach" 2019.4.19 File File2 File3  
The 146th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Shell LNG Outlook 2019” 2019.3.14 File  
The 145th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Trump Policy and the Oil Market” 2019.3.8 File  
The 144th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Coal 2018 Analysis and Forecasts to 2023” 2018.12.26 File  
The 143rd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”LNG Market Outlook and U.S. LNG's Function” 2018.11.15 File  
The 142nd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”American view on Energy and Trade” 2018.11.12 File  
The 141st IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Producer-Consumer Dialogue:The Role of International Energy Forum (IEF)” 2018.10.11 File  
The 140th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Equinor’s Energy Perspectives 2018” 2018.9.27 File  
The 139th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”What Can We Learn from the Comparative Studies of German/Japan Energy Policies” 2018.9.10 File  
The 138th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”IEA Gas Market Report 2018” 2018.8.30 File  
The 137th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”IEA The Oil Market: Short & Medium Term Perspectives” 2018.6.14 File  
The 136th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”IEA The Global EV Outlook 2018” 2018.5.30 File  
The 135th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Shell LNG OUTLOOK 2018” 2018.3.15 File  
The 134th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Coal 2017, Market Report Series” 2017.12.26 File  
The 133rd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Oil Market: Short & Medium Term Perspectives” 2017.12.6 File  
The 132th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Renewables 2017, Market Report Series” 2017.10.31 File  
The 131st IEEJ Energy Seminar ”LNG Market Outlook and US LNG's Function -The Perspective From Cheniere-” 2017.10.20 File  
The 130th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Renewables 2017, Energy Efficiency Market Report 2017” 2017.10.19 File File2  
The 129th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”IRENA Insights for Energy Transitions” 2017.10.6 File  
The 128th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Peak Oil Demand: What Would Cause It, How Close is it?” 2017.10.3 File  
The 127th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”German-Japanese Dialogue: How Far Can the Energy Transition Go?” 2017.9.6 File File2  
The 126th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”System Integration of Renewables” 2017.8.7 File  
The 125th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Gas Market Report 2017” 2017.7.21 File  
The 124th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”India's Energy Strategy: Draft National Energy Policy, 2040” 2017.7.12 File  
The 123rd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Energy Technology Perspectives 2017” 2017.6.27 File  
The 122nd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”BHP’s approach to climate change risk management” 2017.6.7 File  
The 121st IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Future of  Nuclear in French and European Energy Policy and Strategy” 2017.5.24 File  
The 120th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Global Evolution of Energy Efficiency Policy and its Implications to Japan” 2017.4.25 File  
The 119th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Meeting India's Aspirations: Energy Scenarios till Mid-Century” 2017.4.4 File  
The 118th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Trump Presidency, and the Impact on the US Economic Outlook and US Energy Policy” 2017.3.27 File  
The 117th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Global LNG Outlook and European Gas Market Liberalisation” 2017.3.24 File  
The 116th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”China’s Natural Gas Market Outlook and Opportunities for Japan” 2017.2.28 File  
The 115th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”How Can We Cooperate to Enhance Energy Security Between India and Japan, and in Asia” 2017.2.10    
The 114th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”World Energy Investment 2016” 2016.12.15 File  
The 113th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Medium‐ Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2016” 2016.12.14 File  
The 112th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy” 2016.12.13    
The 111th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Oil Markets in Transition:Where are We Now and What Comes Next?” 2016.12.6 File  
The 110th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016” 2016.10.26 File  
The 109th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Reducing Uncertainty in the Outlook for U.S. Shale Oil and Gas” 2016.10.6 File  
The 108th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”EIA's Global Energy Outlook” 2016.10.5 File  
The 107th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Risk-Informed Decision Making and Nuclear Power” 2016.9.27 File  
The 106th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Global Energy Outlook and What It Means for Japan” 2016.9.21 File  
The 105th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”LNG Markets in Transition – The great reconfiguration” 2016.9.2 File  
The 104th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Energy and Global Climate Change Challenges in the ASEAN Economies” 2016.8.9 File  
The 103rd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”U.S. and Global Oil & Gas Dynamics” 2016.6.23 File  
The 102nd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2016” 2016.6.21 File  
The 101st IEEJ Energy Seminar ”13th Five-year Plan and
Medium-and-Long term Energy Development Strategy of China”
2016.6.3 File  
The 100th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”India: The Next Asian Economic Giant” 2016.5.17 File  
The 99th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”KAPSARC Overview” 2016.5.13 File  
The 98th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Energy Markets in Transition with focus on LNG - Growing pains, new technologies and new trading arrangements” 2016.5.11 File  
The 97th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Effect of Wind Power on Nodal Prices in New Zealand” 2016.4.18 File  
The 96th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”LNG Markets Path to the Future” 2016.3.22 File  
The 95th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2016” 2016.3.7 File  
The 94th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Current Status and Future Prospects of Sino-Russian Gas and Oil Cooperation” 2016.2.1 File  
The 93rd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Geopolitical development in the Middle East 10 years in the future” 2016.1.25 File  
The 92nd IEEJ Energy Seminar ”How to Overcome the Two Major Nuclear Issues; Recovery of the Trust from the Public, and Nuclear Waste Management” ”Issue of the Competitiveness of Nuclear Power Plant in the Liberalized Electric Markets” 2016.1.15 File  
The 91th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”The Impact of the US Shale Revolution on the Structure of Global Oil Markets: The Outlook for Oil Prices, Balances, Supply, Demand and Inventories” 2015.11.17 File  
The 90th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Distressed Policy Correction: New Directions in the UK Renewable Energy and Climate Strategy” 2015.11.16 File  
The 89th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Energy Efficiency Today:IEA's 2015 Market Report” , ”Energy and Climate Change Towards COP21” 2015.10.6 File File2  
The 88th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Renewable Energy Medium-Term Market Report 2015" 2015.10.5 File  
The 87th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2015" 2015.9.17 File  
The 86th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Saudi Arabia’s oil strategy and its impact on global energy markets" 2015.6.12 File  
The 85th IEEJ Energy Seminar "World Energy China Outlook 2014-2015 (Summary)" 2015.6.5 File  
The 84th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Global Causes & Effects Of GME Energy Supplies - The Oil & Gas/LNG Pricing Outlook And GME Developments" 2015.5.28 File  
The 83rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Energy Markets Outlook" 2015.4.22 File  
The 82nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Introduction to KAPSARC", "KAPSARC's research program", "How long can Saudi Arabia remain an oil exporter?", "Up, Down or Sideways? The drivers of future oil price movements" 2015.4.17 File  
The 81st IEEJ Energy Seminar "Efforts to Restore the Public Confidence after TMI accident in the US and Lessons for Japan.” 2015.4.10 File  
The 80th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Public Engagement with Nuclear Energy” 2015.3.12 File File2  
The 79th IEEJ Energy Seminar ”Russian Gas Export Policy – Asia, LNG, Europe: fundamental change post-2014?” 2015.3.4 File  
The 78th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Electricity Market Reform and the UK's liberalised energy market " 2015.3.3 File  
The 77th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Changes in U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Operation & Regulation 1979-Present- " 2015.2.20 File File2  
The 76th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Dynamism of LNG Markets as seen from the Business Front " 2015.1.9 File File2  
The 75th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014 – Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020 - " 2014.11.25 File  
The 74th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Asian quest for LNG in a globalising marke" 2014.11.7 File  
The 73rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Power Outage : How Can Japan Safely Restart Its Nuclear Energy Program Post-Fukushima?" 2014.10.10 File  
The 72nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Energy, Climate Change and Environment" 2014.10.7 File  
The 71st IEEJ Energy Seminar "Energy Transitions and Futility of Forecasting" 2014.10.6 File  
The 70th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Medium term Gas Market Report 2014" "ESI’s Recent Work on International Unconventional Gas; and Report on World Bank Institute Workshop on the Governance of Unconventional Gas" 2014.9.8 File  
The 69th IEEJ Energy Seminar " Medium term Oil Market Report 2014" 2014.6.20 File  
The 68th IEEJ Energy Seminar " Oil and Gas : Short & Medium Term Outlook and Long Term Uncertainty" 2014.5.30 File  
The 67th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Iran-US Relations Their Effects On GME & Asian-Pacific Energy" 2014.5.22 File  
The 66th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Power of Transformation - Wind, Sun and the Economics of Flexible Power Systems –Implications for Policy Making" 2014.5.20 File  
The 65th IEEJ Energy Seminar “IEA Technology Roadmaps: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes and Energy Storage” 2014.3.28 File  
The 64th IEEJ Energy Seminar “Challenges to JCC Pricing in Asian LNG Markets” 2014.3.18 File  
The 63rd IEEJ Energy Seminar “World Energy China Outlook 2013-2014” 2014.2.21 File  
The 62nd IEEJ Energy Seminar “The US Energy Renaissance and Its Impact on Emerging Markets” 2014.1.9    
The 61st IEEJ Energy Seminar “Medium-Term Market Reports 2013” 2013.10.28    
The 60th IEEJ Energy Seminar “Energy Efficiency Market Report 2013 2013.10.18 File ,File2  
The 59th IEEJ Energy Seminar “Introducing The Vital Spark to Japan, Innovating Clean & Affordable Energy for All” 2013.10.7 File1, File2  
The 58th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Booming World (and US) Oil Supply, Conventional and Shale" 2013.7.23 File  
The 57th IEEJ Energy Seminar "UK Energy Security" 2013.7.3 File  
The 56th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Sustainable Energy For ALL" 2013.6.3 File  
The 55th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Anatomy Of Regimes In The Greater Middle East -A Country-Risk Examination Of The World’s Main Energy Reservoir And The Effects On World Oil & LNG Prices-" 2013.5.14 File  
The 54th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Pricing of Internationally Traded Gas" 2013.3.6 File  
The 53rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "World Economy and Energy Challenges" 2013.2.4 File  
The 52nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Challenges for the growth of Renewable Energy Markets" 2013.1.22 File  
The 51st IEEJ Energy Seminar "BP Energy Outlook 2030" 2012.10.5 File  
The 50th IEEJ Energy Seminar 2012.10.3 File  
The 49th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2012" 2012.9.20 File  
The 48th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Finnish energy policy" 2012.6.15 File  
The 47th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Future of Energy: Emerging Trends in Gas, Water and Digital Technologies" 2012.6.7    
The 46th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Arab Spring & World Energy In A Shift To A Multi-Polar System- /-Emphasis On The Roles of Iran& Israel-" 2012.5.24 File  
The 45th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Fukushima Daiichi And the Regulatory Climate for Nuclear Power" 2012.4.17 File  
The 44th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Iran's Nuclear Ambitions: A Looming Crisis for Oil Market Stability" 2012.3.28 File  
The 43rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "German Energy Transition – Opportunities and Challenges" 2012.3.23 File  
The 42nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "IEA Prospective on Deploying Renewables -Drivers and Challenges-" 2012.3.7 File  
The 41st IEEJ Energy Seminar "Energy Policy in the UK" 2012.2.23    
The 40th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Market and policy developments in the European electricity sector" 2012.1.27 File  
The 39th IEEJ Energy Seminar 2012.12.19    
The 38th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The geopolitics of Eurasian energy" 2011.11.25    
The 37th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Clean Energy Investment Trends" 2011.10.28    
The 36th IEEJ Energy Seminar "MENA and Japan/Asia Gas Market and Global LNG" 2011.9.27 File File  
The 35th IEEJ Energy Seminar "UK Strategy for Climate and Energy" 2011.9.16 File  
The 34th IEEJ Energy Seminar 2011.7.19    
The 33rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Arab Spring of Change & Its Implications for the Global Energy Business" 2011.5.18 File  
The 32nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Iraqi Oil and Its Potential Influence on Global Energy Markets" 2011.2.28 File  
The 31st IEEJ Energy Seminar "Automobile use, fuel economy and CO2 emissions in industrialized countries, with special focus on Japan and the United States " 2011.2.22 File  
The 30thIEEJ Energy Seminar "The Rise of China and International EnergyMarkets: A Washington Perspective " 2011.1.19 File  
The 29thIEEJ Energy Seminar "IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2010 " 2010.11.4 File  
The 28thIEEJ Energy Seminar "The Outlook for Energya view to 2030" 2010.10.6 File  
The 27thIEEJ Energy Seminar "The New World ofOil and Gas -- Enormous Benefits For Asia With SeriousHidden Risks" 2010.9.10 File  
The 26thIEEJ Energy Seminar"Shifting Global Energy Landscape: Opportunities and Risks" 2010.7.9    
The 25thIEEJ Energy Seminar" Towards A Lower CarbonEnergy World: The Middle East Factor & Its ShiftTo Cleaner Energy " 2010.5.19 File  
The 24thIEEJ Energy Seminar 2010.2.18 File File  
The 23rdIEEJ Energy Seminar 2010.2.9 File  
The 22nd IEEJEnergy Seminar "Stimulating Technological  Innovation in Energy" 2009.8.10   File  
The 21st IEEJEnergy Seminar "Medium-Term Oil MarketReport", "Natural Gas Market Review" 2009.7.8   File  
The 20th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Prospects for Global Crude Oil Prices & the Gulf Investment Strategies" 2009.5.19   File  
The 19th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Energy and Climate Policy of the Obama Government and Its Implications for the World Energy Market" 2009.5.13      
The 18th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Natural Gas in Russia and CIS" 2009.2.4   File  
The 17th IEEJEnergy Seminar 2008.7.10      
The 16th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Natural Gas In Asia: TheChallenges of Growth in China, India, Japan andKorea" 2008.7.11   File  
The 15th IEEJEnergy Seminar “Worldwide Trends in Energy User and Efficiency-Key Insights from IEA Indicator Analysis” 2008.7.7   File  
The 14th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Toward Energy Security in the Asia Pacific: The Importance of U.S.-Japan Cooperation" 2008.6.5      
The 13th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Prospect for crude oilprices and investment strategies by GCC countries" 2008.5.15   File  
The 12th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Trends of China's ComprehensiveEnergy and Environment Package and Japan-China Cooperation" 2008.2.28   File  
The 11th IEEJEnergy Seminar "Coal Supply-Demand andPrice Trend" 2008.2.4   File  
The 10th IEEJEnergy Seminar 2007.5.18      
The 9th IEEJ Energy Seminar "The World Energy Perspective & Its Implications for the Middle East and Japan - The Latest Middle East Developments Affecting the World" 2007.5.16      
The 8th IEEJ Energy Semina r "Asia's National Oil Companies" 2007.4.5   File  
The 7th IEEJ Energy Seminar 2007.2.9 File  
The 6th IEEJ Energy Seminar "International drivers forRE and an overfview of RE strategies in Europe forWind and Photovoltaic" 2006.10.12 File  
The 5th IEEJ Energy Semina r"Energy Technology Perspective " 2006.7.14    
The 4th IEEJ Energy Seminar "Recent Conditions in the Middle Eastern Countries and Their Oil Situation" 2006.5.17    
The 3rd IEEJ Energy Seminar "Prospects for the stabilityand oil policy in the Middle East-Implication to the world oil market-" 2006.4.13   File  
The 2nd IEEJ Energy Seminar "World Oil Market -Today and Prospects" 2006.3.7      
The 1st IEEJ Energy Seminar "The Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom" 2006.2.9