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World Energy Outlook 2021

2021.10.27 File Video

World Energy Outlook 2020

2020.11.27 File  

World Energy Outlook 2018

2019.01.11 File  

Japan-China Joint Symposium on Oil & Gas -The 12th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting

2018.12.13 File  

Special Seminar “Shifting Gears: Future of Transportation, Oil Demand and Geopolitics“

2018.7.20 File  

GRIPS/IEEJ Special Seminar "The rapidly changing global energy landscape"

2018.2.27 File  

World Energy Outlook 2017

2017.12.14 File  

Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 11th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting

2017.11.8 File  

2nd IEEJ / APERC Joint International Energy Symposium

2017.5.18 File  

Workshop on Nuclear Energy and Safety
-Building a robust system involving all stakeholders for continuous improvements in nuclear safety –

2017.2.23 File  

World Energy Outlook 2016

2016.11.25 File  

German-Japanese Energy Dialogue on the Occasion Of the Mission of the German Federal Foreign Office to Japan “Energy efficiency first” & “Deployment of renewables”:How to foster the energy transition?

2016.11.15 File  

Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 10th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting

2016.11.9 File  

IEEJ Special Seminar: "UK’s Energy and Climate Change Policy, the Impact of Brexit and “Mission Innovation” Initiative"

2016.10.4 File  

Seminar on Energy Trends and IPP Program in The Republic of South Africa

2016.4.25 File  

IEEJ-CGEP Special Seminar :"Outlook for International Oil/LNG Market"

2016.4.7 File  

IEEJ Special Seminar:"Investment Opportunities in Iran in the Post-Sanction Era", "Opportunities in Iran Oil and Gas Sector in the Post-Sanction Era"

2016.2.3 File  

IEEJ Special Seminar:"Low Carbon Power Generation Suitable to India's Circumstances"

2016.1.13 File  

World Energy Outlook 2015

2015.12.21 File  

Symposium on Sustainable Power Supply Mix in the Future

2015.11.20 File File  

IEEJ Special Seminar:"India’s Initiatives to Address the Climate Challenge"

2015.11.18 File  

Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 9th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting

2015.11.3 File  

International Nuclear Energy Symposium:“Discussions on Nuclear Energy from the Female Point of View ― Why is it necessary? Why is it safe enough? Why is it irreplaceable?”

2015.5.19 File  

Seminar on the Current Status of Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize

2015.5.11 File  

IEEJ Special Seminar

2015.4.23 File  

Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 8th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting

2014.11.21 File  

World Energy Outlook 2014

2014.11.19 File  

International Symposium on Voluntary Approaches
Evaluating Industry-led Voluntary Approach and Discussing the Future of Climate Change Policy:
Achievements and Future Roles of Japan’s Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

2014.9.2 File  
IEEJ Special Seminar "Medium term Coal Market Report 2013" 2014.3.24 File  
Seminar on the Current Status of Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2014.3.31 File  
Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 7th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting 2013.12.6    
World Energy Outlook 2013 2013.11.28 File  
Special Representative of Secretary General on top of Director General of UNIDO 2013.7.3 File  
Seminar on the Current Status of Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2013.4.16 File  
The Launch of the new IEA report "Developing a Natural Gas Trading Hub in Asia" 2013.2.26 File  
IPEEC Energy Management Action NetworK
"Energy Management and Electricity Saving Know‐How over Electricity Crisis in Japan: How did energy managers of factories and buildings manage their use of energy and cut peak electricity demand? How did supporting agencies assist electricity saving actions?"
2013.1.31 File  
World Energy Outlook 2012 2012.11.22 File  
Special Seminar by Daniel Yergin 2012.10.25    
2013 Tokyo Symposium on Standard and Labeling Policy Development Assistance
"Current Situations of Cooperation on Energy Efficiency Standard and Labeling (S&L) in Asia"
2012.2.1 File  
Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 6th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting 2012.12.6 File  
The Energy Efficiency Policies and Technologies in South Africa Workshop 2012.9.6 File  
Seminar on the Current Status of Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2012.5.28 File  
Transport Future Workshop- 2nd Workshop for Automobile and Energy 2012.3.29 File  
Tokyo Symposium on Standard and Labeling Policy Development Assistance on February 10, 2012
Current Situations of Energy Efficiency Standard and Labeling (S&L)
Policy in Major Countries and International Trends of S&L Policy Development Assistance
2012.2.10 File  
Japan-China Joint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 5th IEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting 2011.12.16 File  
Austraria - Japan Joint Energy Seminar -STRENGTHENING INTERDEPENDENCE THROUGH LNG TRADE - 2011.7.19 File  
Special Seminar by Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford
2011.1.28 File  
CurrentSituations of Energy Efficiency Standard and Labeling(S&L) Policy in Developing Countries and InternationalTrends of S&L Policy Development Assistance 2011.1.28 File  
Japan-ChinaJoint Symposium on Asian Oil & Gas -The 4thIEEJ/CNPC Research Meeting- 2010.12.10 File  
The Seminarco-hosted by James A. Baker III Institute for PublicPolicy, Rice Unibersity and IEEJ" USEnergy and Environment Policies and the World EnergyMarket" 2010.6.18 File  
GlobalEnvironment Symposium"Energy EfficiencyPolicy Development Assistance"- views from the developing country partners- 2010.3.5 File  
IEA/IEEJForum on Global Oil Market Challenges 2010.2.26 File  
The 2ndJoint Qatari-Japanese Energy Seminar 2009.11.18 File File  
NortheastAsia Petroleum Forum 2009 2009.10.26-27 File File  
45th Seminarat IEEJ"India's Energy Situation andTrends in New/Renewable Energy and Energy ConservationPolicies" 2009.9.14   File  
44th Seminarat IEEJ"World Financial Crisis &Chinese Oil Market" 2009.8.19   File  
42nd Seminarat IEEJ"The Recent Overview and Prospectsof Nuclear Power Policy and Industrial Strategiesin the UK, Italy and Sweden" (Exective Summary) 2009.6.25 File  
InternationalEnergy Symposium 2008"World Energy Outlook2008" 2008.11.14 File    
37th Seminarat IEEJ"Chinese NOC's Corporate Strategies" 2008.9.17   File  
34th Seminarat IEEJ"Japan's Biodiesel Fuel Introduction" 2008.7.24   File  
InternationalEnergy Symposium 2007"World Energy Outlook2007" 2007.11.12 File File  
US-JapanJoint Seminar"Current Political Situationin the Middle East and Oil Supply" 2006.11.30 File File  
InternationalEnergy Symposium 2006"World Energy Outlook2006 -Sustainable growth scenario and tactics-" 2006.11.10 File File  
20th Seminarat IEEJ"India and China's Energy Strategiesin Middle Eastern Oil-Producing Nations" 2006.8.25   File  
19th Seminarat IEEJ"Energy Situation and Policy inIndia" 2006.7.12   File  
16th Seminarat IEEJ"Changes at LNG Chain and Challengesfor Japan" 2006.6.1   File  
3rd IEEJEnergy Seminar"Prospects for the stabilityand oil policy in the Middle East-Implication to the world oil market-" 2006.4.13   File  
3rd IEEJJoint Seminar"Energy Security and ClimateChange" 2006.4.7 File File  
15th Seminarat IEEJ"China’s Electric Power Industryand Its Trends" 2006.3.1   File  
Asia EnergyForum 2005"International Energy Securityand Regional Cooperation in Asia" 2005.11.25 File File  
InternationalEnergy Symposium 2005"World Energy Outlook2005 -Middle East and North Africa Insights-" 2005.11.11 File File  
InternationalEnergy Symposium 2004 2004.11.16 File File  
Asia EnergyForum 2004 2004.9.28 File File  
InternationalEnergy Seminar 2003.11.18 File File  
NortheastAsia Petroleum Forum (Pre-notice) 2003.11.5-6 File    
SPEC(Symposium On Pacific Energy Cooperation) 2003 February 12 and 13, 2003 (Hotel Okura, Tokyo, Japan)
2003.2 File    
Lecture Meeting 2002.9.25 File File
Symposiumon Expanding Energy Frontiers -OSAKA2002- 2002.9.21 File File Executive