The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Distinguished Fellows

We invited experts who are widely recognized and renowned for their research contributions and experience in the fields of energy and/or environment to each assume a Distinguished Fellow post to promote research activities which address the common challenges the global community is facing in the energy arena.

Dr. Peter Lyons
Former Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy, US
He led the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy while serving as the primary policy advisor to the Secretary of Energy on issues involving U.S. and international civilian nuclear energy research, development and demonstration activities. He was a Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and served as Science Advisor on the staff of U.S. Senator Pete Domenici and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, where he focused on military and civilian uses of nuclear technology. He now acts as a consultant to several corporate and laboratory boards, as well as assisting several international groups.
Ms. Joan MacNaughton
Chair of the Board, The Climate Group
She chairs The Climate Group and the International Advisory Board of the New Energy Coalition, and is a Non Executive Director of The James Hutton Institute,and the Energy Savings Trust. She sits or has sat on several other boards in the academic, public and corporate sectors, and the Advisory Boards of the Grantham Institute, the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, and Engie UK plc. She is one time Vice Chair of the UN High Level Panel on the CDM, Chair of the Governing Board of the IEA, and a former Director General of Energy in the UK Government.
Dr. Kenneth Medlock III

Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, US
He directs the Master of Energy Economics Program at Rice University, where he also holds adjunct professor appointments in the Department of Economics and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Medlock is a principal in the development of the Rice World Natural Gas Trade Model, which is aimed at assessing the future of international natural gas trade. Dr. Medlock is an active member of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), American Economic Association (AEA), and International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).

Dr. Tatiana Mitrova
Director, Energy Center, Skolkovo Business School, Russia
She has twenty years of experience in dealing with the development of Russian and global energy markets, including production, transportation, demand, energy policy, pricing and market restructuring. She is leading annual “Global and Russian Energy Outlook Up To 2040” project. She is a scientific advisor at the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ERI RAS), research scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, and senior visiting research fellow of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES).
Dr. Edward L. Morse
Managing Director & Global Head,Commodities Research, Citigroup
He built the Commodities Research Strategy team at Citi as Global Head of Commodities Research since 2011, having previously built similar groups both at Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse, covering the full panoply of financially traded commodities. He brings to his analysis a unique breadth of experience extending from academia and think tanks to government, business, consulting and publishing.
Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.

Professor, Environmental Studies Program /Director, Sports Governance Center, University of Colorado Boulder, US
He served as Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado Boulder from 2001 to 2007 and from 2013 to 2016. He was a visiting scholar at Oxford University's Saïd Business School in the 2007-2008 academic year. His interests include understanding the politicization of science; decision making under uncertainty; policy education for scientists in areas such as climate change, disaster mitigation, and world trade; and professional sports.

Prof. Jonathan Stern
Senior Research Fellow and Chairman of the Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, UK
Professor Jonathan Stern is a Distinguished Research Fellow and founder of the Natural Gas Research Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES). He holds professorships at the University of Dundee and Imperial College, London; and fellowships at the Energy Delta Institute and the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.
Prof. Paul Stevens
Distinguished Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources, Chatham House, UK

Educated as an economist and as a specialist on the Middle East at Cambridge and SOAS; 1973-1979 teaching at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon; 1979-93 at the University of Surrey. Between 1993 and 2008, he was Professor of Petroleum Policy and Economics at the University of Dundee, Scotland, a chair created by BP. He is an expert in the international petroleum industry, economic development in the Gulf and energy economics.

Mr. Nobuo Tanaka
Chairman, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Mr. Tanaka has decades of experience with energy and finance since he joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI; presently METI) in 1973. He has also worked for Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., and OECD. He served as Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) from 2007 to 2011. Joined IEEJ as Global Associate in 2011. Since 2015, he holds current position. He holds MBA from Case Western Reserve University, US.
Dr. Gerry Thomas
Professor of Molecular Pathology, Imperial College London / Director, Chernobyl Tissue Bank
Gerry Thomas is Professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London and the Director of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank (CTB). The CTB was established in 1998 to facilitate research, in cooperation with Belarussian, Ukrainian and Russian scientists, into the biological mechanism that are involved in development of thyroid cancer following a nuclear power plant accident. Since the Fukushima accident in 2011, she has been engaged in public communication of the real health risks of energy production, including exposure to low doses of radiation from nuclear accidents.
Mr. Wim Thomas
Chief Energy Advisor, Shell International, Netherlands

He is heading the Energy Analysis Team in Shell’s Global Scenario Group, which is part of the Corporate Strategy Department. He leads a team responsible for worldwide energy analysis and long-term global energy scenarios, and advises Shell companies on a wide range of energy issues. He has been with the Shell group of companies for some 35 years, with prior positions in drilling operations, subsurface reservoir management, and commercial and regulatory affairs in gas.

Mr. Mitsutsune Yamaguchi
Special Advisor, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)

Mr. Yamaguchi’s previous position include Visiting Professor/Project Professor, University of Tokyo (2006–2015) and Professor of Economics, Keio University (1996-2004). Prior to this, he was Senior General Manager at Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. He served in numerous positions on committees and councils related Climate Change and Environmental issues such as a Lead Author of IPCC Working Group III.