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The 5th IEEJ Webinar for the World: "Carbon Neutrality Roadmap of ASEAN countries"
Speakers:Soichi Morimoto, Yuji Mizuno
Guest Commentator: Mr. Tim Gould (IEA)

IEEJ presented our analysis on the roadmap for ASEAN countries’ transition to carbon neutrality. Recently, with the COP26 as a trigger, the decarbonization movement is spreading not only across developed countries but also to many other countries including the ASEAN region, and some ASEAN countries have declared carbon neutrality by the mid of this century.


(5/31/2022) The 5th IEEJ Webinar for the World ” Carbon Neutrality Roadmap of ASEAN countries ”

Speakers:Soichi Morimoto, Senior Researcher, Climate Change Group, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Unit, Yuji Mizuno, Senior Researcher, CCUS Group, Fossil Energies and International Cooperation Unit, IEEJ Guest Commentator: Mr. Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, IEA


(5/25/2022) The 18th IEEJ Global Energy Webinar ”Reducing Methane Emissions from Global Gas”

Speaker:Mr. Ben Cahill, Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


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