8th IEEJ Global Energy Webinar " Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2020 Edition", “Power generation cost by technology: A Japanese perspective”

Date: 4 March 2021
Oparated by ZOOM


“Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2020 Edition”
Prof.Jan Horst Keppler, Senior Economic Advisor, OECD NEA
Dr. Stefan Lorenczik, Electricity Markets Analyst, IEA
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“Power generation cost by technology:A Japanese perspective”
Dr. Yuji Matsuo, Senior Economist, Manager, Energy and Economic Analysis Group (EEA),
Energy Data and Modelling Center (EDMC), IEEJ
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Moderator:  Ms. Tomoko Murakami, Senior Economist, Manager, Nuclear Energy Group, Strategy Research Unit, IEEJ