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Symposium On Pacific Energy Cooperation

Energy security in Asia is currently a major topic for consideration. The Institute conducts a "Symposium On Pacific Energy Cooperation" in February of every year together with the Ministry Of Economy and Trade, the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and other energy-related non-profit organizations, with the aim of building international cooperation for energy security in Asia. As keynote speakers at the symposiums, the Institute invites persons occupying leading positions in the energy field such as ministers of major oil/gas producing countries and major consuming countries, and top management figures in the energy industries. Panelists are also invited to take part in discussions on energy security in Asia.

SPEC 2003 February 12 and 13, 2003 (Hotel Okura, Tokyo, Japan)
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Symposium on Pacific Energy Cooperation (SPEC) 2003 Keynote Speeches
Wednesday, February 12th 2003, Akebono Room, Hotel Okura, Tokyo, Japan

PDF:Energy Cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region:
Perspective Projects of Russian Crude & Gas Supply to Asia Pacific Region Market
Mr. Igor Kozin, Director, Department of Pipeline System Development, Ministry of Energy, Russia
PDF:Furthering Asia's Energy Security: A Case for Enhanced Dialogue, Cooperation, and Pragmatism
Mr. Abdallah S. Jum'ah, President & Chief Executive Officer,Saudi Aramco
(Delivered by Mr. Khalid H. Al-Dabbagh, General Manager, Saudi Petroleum, Ltd.)
PDF:Changing Environments Surrounding the Energy Industry and Japan's Choice
Yoshihiro Sakamoto, President of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

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Presentations and Panel Discussion
PDF:"Regional Economic Cooperation and Energy Security in Asia"
Session I
PDF:"Oil Market and Pricing in North East Asia"
Session II
PDF:"Natural Gas in Asia ? The Challenges of A Changing Market"