-Transport Future Workshop- 2nd Workshop for Automobile and Energy on March 29, 2012


Ⅰ- 「CO2 emission reduction from light duty vehicles by 2050: long term vision for short term actions 」(Under Preparation)
Mr. Francois CUENOT, Energy Policy Division, International Energy Agency

Ⅱ- Outlook for Energy and Transport Demand in the Road Sector
*Presentation Material
Mr. Shigeru SUEHIRO, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

Ⅲ- Analysis of CO2 Emissions to Consider Future Technologies and Integrated Approaches in the Road Transport Sector
*Presentation Material
Mr. Shuichi KANARI, Japan Automobile Research Institute

Ⅳ- Rational Approach for CO2 Reduction in Transportation Sector
*Presentation Material
Mr. Hirotsugu Maruyama
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.