Special Seminar “Shifting Gears: Future of Transportation, Oil Demand and Geopolitics“

Date: 20 July 2018
Venue: Soukairou Hall, GRIPS
Co-hosts: Atlantic Council, Eurasia Group, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

Opening Remarks: Prof. Masakazu Toyoda, Chairman and CEO, IEEJ


“Decarbonization, Transportation and the Changing Oil Market:The Role of Politics and Policies in the Peak Demand Debate“
Mr. Robert Johnston, CEO, Eurasia Group/Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
*Presentation Material 

Geopolitics and a Changing Energy System“
Mr. Randolph Bell, Director, Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
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“Will Oil Demand Peak? A Japanese View based on IEEJ Outlook“
Dr. Ken Koyama, Managing Director, Chief Economist, IEEJ
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Panel Discussion Session

Moderator:  Prof. Hisanori Nei, Deputy Director; Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program, GRIPS
Mr. Robert Johnston
Mr. Randolph Bell
Dr. Ken Koyama

Closing Remarks:Prof. Atsushi Sunami, Vice President, GRIPS