Northeast Asia Petroleum Forum 2009

October 26-27, 2009


Opening Session
Dr. Naitoh, Masahisa, Chairman and CEO, IEEJ
Mr. Wu, Mengfei, CFO, CNOOC; Honorary Director of Petroleum Economics Commission of Chinese Petroleum Society
Dr. Lee, Won-Woo, Vice President, KEEI

CEO Session
Challengies and Strategies of Oil Industry in Northeast Asia 
Japan: Mr. Tembo, Akihiko
Chairman, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. cum President, Petroleum Association of Japan
"Overview of Current Japanese Oil Industry and Important Issues in NE Asia"
Korea: Mr. Oh, Kang-Hyun
Chairman, Korea Petroleum Association
"Current Status and Challenges of Korea's Oil Industry"
China: Mr. Wang, Yilin 
Vice President, CNPC, Honorary Director of Petroleum Economics Commission of Chinese Petroleum Society
"Deepening Energy Cooperation, Facing Challenges Together"

Session-2 Energy Outlook of World and Asia
China: Ms. Zhang, Yinghong
Deputy Director, Global Resources and Strategic Research, RIPED, CNPC
"Northeast Asian Energy Situation and Multi-lateral Cooperation Outlook"
Dr. Lu, Chuanyi
Associate Professor, Institute of Energy Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University
"The Impacts of Energy Technology Cooperation Among North-East Asia Countries on Low Carbon Development of China: Base on CGE Analysis"
Japan: Mr. Ito, Kokichi
Managing Director, IEEJ
"IEEJ Asia/World Energy Outlook 2009"
Korea: Dr. Jung, Yong-Hun
Executive Director, Energy Policy Research Center, KEEI
"Recent Energy Oulooks : A Review of Four Outlooks"

Session-3 Country Report: Mid-term Petroleum Demand Outlook

Japan: Mr. Hata, Nobuo
Managing Director, Petroleum Association of Japan
"Mid-term Oil Demand Outlook in Japan"
Korea: Dr. Kim, Soo-IL
Research Fellow, KEEI
"Mid-Term Outlook on Petroleum Demand of Korea"
China: Mr. Xu, Yongfa
President, Research Institute of Economics and Technology, CNPC, Deputy Director of Petroleum Economics Commission of Chinese Petroleum Society
"Outlook of China’s Oil Demand for 2020"

Session-4 Outlook and Topics of Upstream Sector
Korea: Mr. Koo, Cha Kwon,
Head of Global Oil Research, KNOC
"Korean Oil & Gas E&P: Current Status and Outlook"
China: Mr. Zhou, Wen
President, Shengli Oil field Economic R&D Institute SINOPEC
"The Study for the Development Practice and Law of Onshore Old Oil Fields in Eastern China"
Japan: Mr. Shoji, Taro
Director, Arabian Oil Company, Ltd.
"Alliance Strategy for Upstream Industries in Norhteast Asia"

Session-5 Trends and Prospects of Natural Gas in Norhteast Asia
China: Mr. Lin, Shuxin
Fellow, Energy Economics Institute CNOOC
"Trend of Northeast Asia Natural Gas Market after Financial Crisis"
Japan: Mr. Yasuoka, Satoru
General Manager, Gas resources Department Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
"Outlook for the Natural Gas Market in Japan"
Korea: Mr. Han, Won-Hee
Senior Researcher,Center for Gas Economics and Management, KOGAS
"Prospect of Korean Natural Gas Market"

Session-6 Oil Product Market in Northeast Asia: Challenges and Prospects
Japan: Mr. Yamakawa, Yoshikuni
General Manager, International Petroleum Business Department, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
"Outlook of Products Supply & Demand in Asia by country and by product"
Korea: Mr. Jung, June-Young
Team Leader, Crude/Product S&T Team GS Caltex
"Outlook for Northeast Asian Oil Market"
China: Mr. Wang, Gongli
President,PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institute Deputy Director of Petroleum Economics Commission of Chinese Petroleum Society
"The Outlook of Refined Oil Product Supply and Demand in China and the Influence to Market of Northeast Asia"

Session-7 Global Warming and Oil Industry
Korea: Mr. Lee, Won-Chul
Managing Director Korea Petroleum Association
"The Setup Trends on National Greenhouse Gas Mid-term Reduction Goal of Korea"
China: Mr. Jiang, Huaiyou
Senior Engineer, Research Institute of Economics and Technology CNPC
"China Status and Prospects of CO2 in EOR and Storage"
Mr. Zou, Hua
Manager, New Energy Investment Co.Ltd CNOOC
"Applied Research on Offshore Oil Field Wind Energy"
Japan: Mr. Ono, Hiroshi
Executive Officer & General Manager, Environment & Safety Dept. Environment, Safety and Quality Management Division, Nippon Oil Corporation
"Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions at Nippon Oil"

Japan: Mr. Kanekiyo, Kensuke Managing Director, IEEJ