IPEEC Energy Management Action NetworK
"Energy Management and Electricity Saving Know‐How over Electricity Crisis in Japan: How did energy managers of factories and buildings manage their use of energy and cut peak electricity demand? How did supporting agencies assist electricity saving actions?"
Date:January 31st.2013

‐‐Opening Session—
  Speaker 1: Ms. Yukari Yamashita,Director, IEEJ
 “Introduction and Objectives of EMAK 4th Workshop”   
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  Speaker 2: Mr. Hidemasa Nishiyama, Director,
 International Affairs Office, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy
 Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy,
 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI)
 “Opening Remarks and Overview of Electricity Saving Measures in Japan”
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‐‐Session 1‐‐
  ‐Speaker 1: Mr. Hideki Mikami, Executive Director, Purchasing
Department, Maruhan Corporation.
“5‐Year Energy‐Saving Initiative at 278 Pachinko Chain Parlors”
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  ‐Speaker 2: Mr. Toshiharu Ota and Ms. Naomi Ikdeda, Denso
“Activation of Energy‐Saving Initiatives through Establishment of Energy‐Effective
Organization & Development of New Technologies”
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  ‐Speaker 3: Mr. Motohide Ikeda, President, ENERES Co.,Ltd
“Demand Response Aggregator”
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  ‐Speaker 4: Mr. Keisuke Hiraoka, Energy Policy Division, Kanto Bureau of
Economy, Trade and Industry (METI‐Kanto)
“METI‐Kanto’s Efforts to Promote Energy Conservation”
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‐‐Session 2‐‐
  ‐Speaker 1: Ms. Kris McCoy, Industrial Energy Efficiency Branch,
Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Division, Department of Resources,Energy and Tourism, Australia
“Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Lessons from the EEO Program”
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  ‐Speaker 2: Mr.Peter Dobney, Group Manager, Resources and Energy,Amcor
“Energy and Demand Reduction in Australian Manufacturing Industry– Amcor’s Experiences”
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‐Speaker 3: Mr. Mirko Krück, Director, Economy & Policy,EnBW Energy Baden‐Württemberg inc.
Ms.Suzuko Tanaka,IEEJ
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  ‐Speaker 4:: Dr. Dirk Köwener, Managing Director LEEN ltd.
“Introduction of learning energy efficiency networks (LEEN)”
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