Tokyo Symposium on Standard and Labeling Policy Development Assistance on February 10, 2012
Current Situations of Energy Efficiency Standard and Labeling (S&L)
Policy in Major Countries and International Trends of S&L Policy Development Assistance
  Welcome remarks(METI: Mr. Satoshi Miura):What is expected from the S&L policy development assistance project
  (Session A)

1. Activities of the Energy Efficiency S&L policy development supporting project
Mr. Hiroki Kudo, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
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  2. Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative
Mr. Stephen Pantano, Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP)
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  3. Brief Introduction of IEA4E
Mr. Norihiko Ozaki, The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)
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  (Session B: Current Situation and Challenges in S&L policy development in Asian Countries)

4. China: Current Situation and Challenges in S&L Development in China
Mr. Jianhong Cheng, China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS)
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  5. Viet Nam: Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling in Vietnam
Mr. Lai Duc Tuan, The Ministry of Industry and Trade
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6. Thailand: Energy Efficiency S&L: Current Situation and Policy Development in Thailand
Mrs. Sirinthorn Vongsoasup, The Ministry of Energy
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  7. Indonesia: Current situation and challenges in energy efficiency S&L policy development in Indonesia
Mr. Sudirman Palaloi, Center for Energy Conversion and Conservation Technology, Agency for the Assesment and Application to Technology (B2TE-BPPT)
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  8. India: Energy Efficiency S &L Policy in India – current situation and challenges
Mr. Girish Sethi, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
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