Asia Energy Forum 2005
- International Energy Security and Regional Cooperation in Asia -
November 25, 2005 at Keidanren, Tokyo, Japan
  Opening Remarks: Mr. Masahisa Naitoh, Chairman & CEO, IEEJ

Keynote Speech: Mr. Robert Mabro CBE, President & Former Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies,UK *speech

Session 1: "Establishment of Energy Security System in Asia"(Presentation & Discussion)
This session will focus on the establishment of an energy security system and regional cooperation in Asia, taking account of the paradigm shift in the energy security sector.

Chair: Dr. Tsutomu Toichi, Managing Director, IEEJ
Prof. Han Wenke, Deputy Director-general, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform
Commission, China *presentation file
Mr. A. M. Uplenchwar, Director (Pipelines), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India *presentation file
Mr. Sakutaro Tanino, Former Ambassador to China and India, Member of the Board of Directors, Toshiba Corporation, Japan *speech 
Prof. Peter Drysdale, Professor of Economics, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University, Australia *speech *presentation file

Session 2: "Promotion of Mutual Investments between Oil Producing and Consuming Countries" (Presentation & Discussion)

It is vital to promote mutual investments between oil producing and consuming countries to secure stable oil and natural gas supplies.
In particular, identifying the roles of National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies and practical cooperation between them will be spotlighted in this session

Chair: Mr. Yasuhiro Goto, Senior Staff Writer and Senior Editorial Staff, Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Inc., Japan
Mr. Makoto Satani, Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Nippon Oil Corporation, Japan *presentation file
Mr. Adil A. Al-Tubayyeb, Executive Director of Joint Venture Development & Coordination, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia *presentation file
Datuk Anuar Ahmad, Vice President Oil Business, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas), Malaysia  *speech  *presentation file
Dr. Vladimir I. Ivanov, Director of the Research Division and Senior Economist, The Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia, Russia *speech  *presentation file

Session 3: "Nuclear Power, New and Renewable Energy Development and Regional Cooperation in Asia"(Presentation & Discussion)
Nuclear Power, New and Renewable Energy are strongly expected to become effective measures for reducing energy dependency outside the Asia region and respond to global warming.
Participants will discuss specific tasks and methods in the promotion of nuclear power, new and renewable energy development and issues facing regional cooperation in Asia.

Chair: Dr. Taketoshi Taniguchi, Associate Vice President and Director, Socio-Economic Research Centre, Japan
Prof. Zhang Aling, Management Science and Engineering, Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET), Tsinghua University, China *presentation file
Mr. Vu Van Thai, Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Industry, Vietnam *presentation file
Mr. Jae Do Moon, Director General, Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy, Korea *presentation file
Dr. Tatsujiro Suzuki, Senior Research Fellow, IEEJ *presentation file
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