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Title (4/18/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar: Impact of Renewable Generation on Nodal Electricity Prices and Challenges of integration in NZ and Europe
Speaker, etc. Professor Basil Sharp, Director of the Energy Centre, Business School, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Publish Date 04/28/2016
Title Video: IEEJ-CGEP Special Seminar: “Outlook for International Oil/LNG Market”
Speaker, etc. Professor Jason Bordoff, Founding Director,
Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policies

Mr. Antoine Halff, Senior Fellow and Global Oil Markets Program Director, Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policies

Mr. Takayuki Nogami, Chief Economist, JOGMEC

Dr. Tetsuo Morikawa, Senior Economist, Fossil Fuels & Electric Power Industry Unit, IEEJ

Dr. Ken Koyama, Chief Economist, Managing Director, IEEJ
Publish Date 04/13/2016
Title Video: IEEJ Special Seminar: "Investment Opportunities in Iran in the Post-Sanction Era", "Opportunities in Iran Oil and Gas Sector in the Post-Sanction Era"
Speaker, etc. Mr. Koichiro Tanaka
Board Member, Director of Jime Center

Faculty member, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo

H.E. Dr. Ali Taieb Nia
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of I.R. Iran

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki
Founder and Chairman of FGE
Publish Date 02/12/2016
Title Video: IEEJ Energy Seminar No.93: Geopolitical Development in the Middle East 10 years in the Future
Speaker, etc. Dr. Steven Wright. Associate Professor of International Relations and Gulf Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University
Publish Date 01/28/2016
Title Video: IEEJ Energy Seminar No.92: NUCLEAR ENERGY Issues Associated with its Future Utilization
Speaker, etc. Dr. Peter Lyons, Former Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy, USA
Publish Date 01/21/2016
Title Video: IEEJ Energy Seminar No.91: The Impact of the US Shale Revolution on the Structure of Global Oil Markets:The Outlook for Oil Prices, Balances, Supply, Demand and Inventories
Speaker, etc. Dr. David Knapp, Chief Energy Economist and Senior Editor, Energy Intelligence Group
Publish Date 11/30/2015
Title Video: IEEJ Energy Seminar No.90: Distressed Policy Correction: New Directions in the UK Renewable Energy and Climate Strategy
Speaker, etc. Dr. John Constable, Director, Renewable Energy Foundation
Publish Date 11/30/2015
Title Video: IEEJ Energy Seminar No.87: Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2015
Speaker, etc. Mr. Laszlo Varro, Head /Gas Coal & Power Markets Division, IEA
Publish Date 10/19/2015
Title Video: International Nuclear Energy Symposium: Opening Address, Special Lectures, Keynote Speech, Session 1: Why is nuclear energy necessary?
Speaker, etc. Opening Address:Masakazu Toyoda, President & CEO, IEEJ
Special Lectures:Yosuke Takagi, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
Keynote Speech:Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director, ERIA
Keynote Speech:Agneta Rising, Director General of WNA, Co-founder and Former President of WIN

1st Session: “Why is nuclear energy necessary?”
Moderator: Ann MacLachlan, journalist
1) Anne-Marie Choho, AREVA Executive Committee Member, France
2) Ana Raffo-Caiado, Director, Division of Programme Support and Coordination, IAEA
3) Xudan Song, CEO of China Division, EDF, China
4) Reiko Fujita, President of AESJ, Program Manager of ImPACT R&D program, JST, Japan
Publish Date 08/13/2015
Title Video: International Nuclear Energy Symposium: Session 2, Keynote Speech: Can we cope with the climate change without nuclear energy?
Speaker, etc. 2nd Session: Can we allay concerns over nuclear waste and fuel recycling?
Moderator: Sumiko Takeuchi, Senior Fellow, IEEI
1) Jessica Lovering, Senior Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute, USA
2) Ximena Vásquez-Maignan, Senior Legal Adviser, OECD/NEA
3) Cecilia Tam, Deputy Vice President, APERC, Former Head of the Energy Demand Technology Unit, International Energy Agency
4) Siriratana Biramontri, Former Deputy Secretary General of Office of Atoms for Peace, Thailand
Publish Date 08/13/2015

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