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Title (12/14/2017)World Energy Outlook 2017
Speaker, etc. Mr.Tim Gould, Head of Division, Energy Supply Outlooks, World Energy Outlook, Directorate of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks, IEA
Publish Date 12/15/2017
Title (12/6/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar: The Oil Market: Short & Medium Term Perspectives
Speaker, etc. Mr. Neil Atkinson, Head, Oil Industry and Markets Division, IEA
Publish Date 12/12/2017
Title (10/31/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar:IEA Renewables 2017, Market Report Series
Speaker, etc. Mr. Heymi Bahar, Project Manager, Renewable Energy Division, IEA
Publish Date 11/02/2017
Title (10/20/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar:LNG Market Outlook and US LNG's Function-The Perspective From Cheniere-
Speaker, etc. Dr. Andrew Walker, Vice President for Strategy, Cheniere Marketing
Publish Date 10/26/2017
Title (10/6/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar:IRENA Insights for Energy Transitions
Speaker, etc. Dr. Dolf Gielen, Director of the Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA
Mr. Michael Taylor, Senior Analyst, Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA
Ms. Diala Hawila, Associate Program Officer, IRENA
Publish Date 10/17/2017
Title (10/3/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar: Peak Oil Demand: What Would Cause It, How Close is it?
Speaker, etc. Mr. Michael C. Lynch, President of Strategic Energy and Economic Research Inc.
Publish Date 10/06/2017
Title (8/7/2017) IEEJ Energy Seminar: System Integration of Renewables
Speaker, etc. Mr. Simon Mueller, Head of the System Integration of Renewables Unit, IEA
Publish Date 08/17/2017
Title (7/12/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar: India's Energy Strategy: Draft National Energy Policy, 2040
Speaker, etc. Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, Additional Secretary (Energy, Climate Change and Overseas Engagements),
NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog
Publish Date 07/25/2017
Title (6/27/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar: Energy Technology Perspectives 2017
Speaker, etc. Mr. Jean-Francois Gagné, Head of the Energy Technology Policy Division, IEA
Publish Date 07/03/2017
Title (6/7/2017)IEEJ Energy Seminar: BHP's Approach to Climate Change Risk Management
Speaker, etc. Dr. Fiona Wild, Vice President Sustainability and Climate Change, BHP Billiton
Publish Date 06/13/2017

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