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Title (12/14/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2016
Speaker, etc. Dr. Paolo Frankl, Head of Renewable Energy Division, IEA
Publish Date 12/26/2016
Title (12/13/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy
Speaker, etc. Mr. Fareed Mohamedi, Chief Economist,The Rapidan Group
Publish Date 12/26/2016
Title (12/6/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:Oil Markets in Transition:Where are We Now and What Comes Next?
Speaker, etc. Dr. David Knapp, Chief Energy Economist, Energy Intelligence Group
Publish Date 12/15/2016
Title (10/26/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016
Speaker, etc. Mr. Bryant Tyler, Energy Analyst, Energy Efficiency Division, IEA
Publish Date 11/02/2016
Title (10/6/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:Reducing Uncertainty in the Outlook for U.S. Shale Oil and Gas
Speaker, etc. Mr. Michael C. Lynch, President of Strategic Energy and Economic Research Inc.
Publish Date 10/14/2016
Title (10/5/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar: EIA's Global Energy Outlook
Speaker, etc. Mr. Adam Sieminski, Administrator, Energy Information Administration (EIA), Department of Energy, U.S.
Publish Date 10/13/2016
Title (10/4/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar: UK’s Energy and Climate Change Policy, the Impact of Brexit and “Mission Innovation” Initiative
Speaker, etc. Professor Sir David A. King, Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, UK
Publish Date 10/13/2016
Title (9/27/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar: Risk-Informed Decision Making and Nuclear Power
Speaker, etc. Dr. George Apostolakis, Head, Nuclear Risk Research Center, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Publish Date 10/11/2016
Title (9/21/2016)IEEJ Energy Seminar:The Global Energy Outlook and What It Means for Japan
Speaker, etc. Mr. Paul Simons, Deputy Executive Director, IEA
Publish Date 10/11/2016
Title (9/2/2016) IEEJ Energy Seminar: LNG Markets in Transition – The great reconfiguration
Speaker, etc. Prof. Jonathan Stern, Chairman, Natural Gas Research Programme,
Oxford Institute of Energy Studies(OIES)

Ms. Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Research Fellow, The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center(KAPSARC)
Publish Date 10/06/2016

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