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Painting a Picture of Carbon Neutrality
Author:Shigeru Suehiro


The Current State of CCS, as Observed from the IEA’s Database
Author:Yoshikazu Kobayashi


Taiwan Crisis as an Energy Security Risk
Author:Tetsuo Morikawa


Biofuels and CCS: Tailwinds and Headwinds
Author:Tagami Takahiko


Revelations From the EU’s Definition of Green Hydrogen
Author:Yoshiaki Shibata


Zone-based Pricing in the Australian Electricity Market
Author:Junichi Ogasawara


The Issue of Fossil Fuel Supply on the Road to Decarbonization
Author:Ichiro Kutani


The Uncertain World Observable from Future Predictions
Author:Shigeru Suehiro

2023.1.11 Toward the Establishment of a CO2 Storage Hub in Asia – Malaysia’s Challenge
Author:Yoshikazu Kobayashi

The End of the Energy Market Liberalization Era
Author:Tetsuo Morikawa

2022.12.13 The Response by Germany to the Energy Crisis~ Prospects and hints for green growth based on energy-saving measures and investment ~
Author:Naoko Doi
2022.11.30 Discussion Abounds over Loss and Damage Schemes
Author:Takahiko Tagami
2022.11.15 Key Points on the Use of Hydrogen and Ammonia for Power Generation
Author:Yoshiaki Shibata
2022.11.2 Utilization of Distributed Energy Resources
Author: Junichi Ogasawara
2022.10.17 Changes in Asian Developing Countries in Response to Rising Energy Prices
Author: Ichiro Kutani
2022.10.3 The Forecasting Approach and the Backcasting Approach
Author: Shigeru Suehiro
2022.10.3 Toward Building International CCS Projects
Author: Yoshikazu Kobayashi
2022.9.6 The Search for a New 3E
Author: Tetsuo Morikawa
2022.8.24 For further deepening the energy-saving potential in the residential and commercial buildings: The impact of energy efficiency labeling
Author: Naoko Doi
2022.8.10 Will African Countries Declare the Acceleration of Natural Gas Development at COP27?
Author: Takahiko Tagami
2022.8.8 You Cannot Make Fuel Out of CO2 –Correct Taxonomy for Hydrogen and CCU Is Essential–
Author: Yoshiaki Shibata
2022.7.13 Suspension of the Wholesale Electricity Market in Australia
Author: Junichi Ogasawara
2022.6.29 New Divisions that the Russia-Ukraine War Could Bring About
Author: Ichiro Kutani