444th Forum on Research Works on 25th July 2023

"50 Years After the Oil Embargo Crisis, and 50 years in the way ahead"

"What Happened in the Middle East 50 Years Ago?"
Shuji Hosaka, Board Member, Director of JIME Center
Executive Summary

"Gas Market Developments - Efforts Toward Market Stabilisation -"
Hiroshi Hashimoto, Senior Fellow, Energy Security Unit
Executive Summary

"Utilization of Nuclear Power - Its Roles and Challenges "
Kenji Kimura, Senior Researcher, Nuclear Energy Group, Electric Power Industry Unit, Research Strategy Group, Research Strategy Unit
Executive Summary

"Stable Supply of Critical Minerals -The Threat of Maldistribution -"
Ichiro Kutani, Senior Research Director, Manager, Global Energy Group 1, Director, Energy Security Unit
Executive Summary

"Negative Emission Hydrogen / Ammonia - Promoting the Acceleration of Decarbonization -"
Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Executive Analyst, Manager, Research Strategy Group, Assistant Director, Research Strategy Unit, New Energy System Group, Clean Energy Unit
Executive Summary

"GX Initiatives: Transformation of Japan’s Economic and Social Systems"
Takahiko Tagami, Executive Researcher, Manager, Climate Change Group, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Unit
Executive Summary

"Energy Transition in Asia -Simultaneously Achieving Economic Growth and Net-Zero Emissions -"
Toshiyuki Sakamoto, Board Member, Director for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Unit
Executive Summary

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