441st Forum on Research Works on 22nd July 2022

"Energy Security Enhancement and Energy Policy Movements toward Decarbonization"

"Fossil Fuel Market Trends and Outlook"
Tetsuo Morikawa, Senior Economist, Manager, Oil Group
Hiroshi Hashimoto, Senior Analyst, Manager, Gas Group
Atsuo Sagawa, Senior Research Fellow, Coal Group
Fossil Energies & International Cooperation Unit
Executive Summary

"European and U.S. Energy Security Enhancement Based on Ukraine Crisis"
Kei Shimogori, Senior Researcher, Global Energy Group 1, Strategy Research Unit
Executive Summary

"Carbon Pricing – Current Status and Issues regarding Institutional Designs in Japan and Other Countries"
Junko Ogawa, Senior Researcher, Climate Change Group, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Unit
Executive Summary

"Challenges to Increase Renewable Energy under Resources Price Spikes"
Yasushi Ninomiya, Senior Researcher, Manager, Renewable Energy Group, Electric Power Industry & New and Renewable Energy Unit
Executive Summary

"Latest Nuclear Energy Situations in Japan and Other Countries"
Kenji Kimura, Senior Researcher, Nuclear Energy Group, Strategy Research Unit
Executive Summary

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