(10/30/2023) Energy Symposium “Energy Security -50 years after 1973 Oil Crisis-“

Speaker, etc. Speaker: Mr. Wiiliam Martin, Ex Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs etc.
Description 説明:
Presentation Materials *Japanse only

①Opening remarks 0:00:34~0:06:44
Tatsuya Terazawa, Chairman and CEO, IEEJ

Keynote Speech1: No video posted
”Japan’s energy security”
Mr. Yoshifumi Murase
Commissioner, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

②Keynote Speech2: 0:07:08~0:32:05
”How should Japan increase its energy security?”
Mr. Wiiliam Martin
Ex Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

③Short Speech ”Lesson from 1973 Oil Crisis and future challenges”

Mr. Shunichi Kito 0:32:55~0:39:05
Chairman, Petroleum Association of Japan.
President, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kazuhiro Ikebe 0:39:29~0:45:12
Chairman, The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
President, Kyushu Electric Power, Co., Ltd.

Mr. Takehiro Honjo 0:45:25~0:50:30
Chairperson, Japan Gas Association
Chairperson, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ichiro Takahara 0:50:50~0:55:45
Chairman, Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security

④Short Speech/Panel Discussion

<Short Speech> “Toward energy security in Japan”
Mr. Hirofumi Matsuo  0:57:30~1:07:52
senior staff writer, Nikkei, Inc.

Mr. Keisuke Sadamori 1:08:10~1:22:35
Director, Energy Markets and Security, International Energy Agency

Mr. Jun Nishizawa 1:22:55~1:34:50
Senior Vice President &Group CEO of Natural Gas Group,
Mitsubishi Corporation

Dr. Ken Koyama  1:35:10~1:43:16
Senior Managing Director, IEEJ

<Panel Discussion>:1:43:30~
Panelists: Above speakers
Distinguished guest panelist: Mr. Wiiliam Martin
Moderator: Dr. Ken Koyama
Publish Date 11/02/2023
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