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Video: International Nuclear Energy Symposium: Session 4, Closing Address: What is necessary to gain support for nuclear energy from the public, especially from women?

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4th Session: "What is necessary to gain support for nuclear energy from the public, especially from women?"
Moderator: Yukari Yamashita, Director, IEEJ
1) Anne-Marie Choho, AREVA Executive Committee Member, France
2) Ms Ana Raffo-Caiado, Director, Division of Programme Support and Coordination, IAEA
3) Xudan Song, CEO of China Division, EDF, China
4) Reiko Fujita, President of AESJ, Program Manager of ImPACT R&D program, JST, Japan
5) Jessica Lovering, Senior Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute, USA
6) Ximena Vásquez-Maignan, Senior Legal Adviser, OECD/NEA
7) Cecilia Tam, Deputy Vice President, APERC, Former Head of the Energy Demand Technology Unit, International Energy Agency
8) Siriratana Biramontri, Former Deputy Secretary General of Office of Atoms for Peace, Thailand
9) Kaija Kainurinne, Former Head of TVO Brussels Office , Finland
10) Gerry Thomas, Professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London, UK
11) Monamie Bhadra, Arizona State University, USA
12) Kazuko Uno, Department Head, Interferon & Host Defense Laboratory, Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Research, Japan

Closing Address : Rachel Pritzker, Chair of Advisory Board, Breakthrough Institute, USA
Closing Address:Masakazu Toyoda, President & CEO, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
International Nuclear Energy Symposium
Session 4
Closing Address
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