The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan


KUDO, Hiroki

Senior Researcher, JIME Center
Fields of Study: Contemporary Iraqi Politics and Economy

< Education >
1999 Graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan (Middle Eastern Studies)
< Employment History >
1999 Joined JIME Center as an Assistant Researcher
2004 Researcher, JIME Center
2005 Researcher, JIME Center-IEEJ (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan)
2007 Visiting Research Fellow, Gulf Research Center, Dubai
2013-present Senior Researcher, JIME Center
Domestic Activity:
  • The Japan Association for Middle East Studies
  • The Japan Association of International Relations
Research Papers(in English):
    1. “The Cold Relationship between Arab States and Iraq during the Transitional Phase after the Iraq War.” Journal of Greater Middle Eastern Studies, Vol.1, No.2, 2008.
    2. “The shifting balance of power in Iraqi Kurdistan: The struggle for democracy with uninstitutionalized governance.” International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, Vol.9, No.1, 2015.