SHEN, Zhongyuan
SHEN, Zhongyuan

Senior Coordinator, Renewable Energy Group, Electric Power Industry & New and Renewable Energy Unit

Fields of Study : Econometrics, Energy Economics, Climate Policy, Energy
        Conservation Policy, Environment, Energy and Economics of China

2000 Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan,
Doctor course graduation of Energy Society and Environment Science
1997 Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan,
Bachelor of Econometrics, Theoretical Economics, Economic History
April 1997 The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Projects :

  • Survey of environment policy information of major countries: FY2015-2022
  • Survey of trends in CO2 credits of the world: FY2016-2022
  • Infrastructure development survery for bilateral credit acquisition, FY2016-2022
  • Energy policy trends in major countries, international energy statistics, energy research and technology research projects, FY2021
  • Infrastructure development survey on green contribution certification system, FY2016-2022
  • Joint study on promoting energy conservation policy in Qatar, FY2019-2022
  • Surveys on measures to improve the energy supply and demand structure, FY2017-2020
  • Promoting energy conservation and renewable energy introduction in emerging countries, FY2016-2018
  • Promoting the rationalization of energy use in emerging countries, FY2018
  • Overseas energy conservation policy trend survey, FY2009-2015


  • Calculating the size of China’s nationwide unified carbon market - a huge market of 4 billion t-CO2 is coming to birth, May 9, 2016
  • Calculating the energy demand and supply and evaluating the role of energy conservation based on China’s CO2 emission reduction target of INDC target, September 2, 2015
  • Japan's 100-year energy saving history and implications for China, International Petroleum Economy (Chinese paper), July, 2009
  • Energy Demand and Supply Outlook of Asia and World, October 15, 2007
  • Calculating the energy saving potential of vehicle in China, July 2006
  • Forecasting the progress of motorization, the potential of energy conservation and petroleum substitute in automobile sector in China in 2030, July 10, 2006
  • Forecast the motorization progress based on the income distribution curve in China, April 5, 2006
  • Calculating the potential of energy conservation in China's, July 2003


  • Recent development of battery-swap for EVs in China, Denki Shimbun, March 22, 2022
  • Renewable energy electricyt procurement method in China, Denki Shimbun, January 11, 2022
  • China’s new electric vehicle market of 20 million units in 2035, Denki Shimbun, October 19, 2021
  • Carbon emissions trading, a measure to utilize the market mechanism to achieve the carbon neutrality in China, Denki Shimbun, August 10, 2021
  • China’ growth potential: is it possible to overcome resource and environmental constraints?,
    Ohmsha (co-authored), 2010