The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

SHEN, Zhongyuan

Senior Coodinator, Energy Conservation Group, Global Environment & Sustainable Development Unit

Visiting Researcher,
Energy Reseach Institute, National Development And Reform Commision, China.

Specialty: Econometrics, Energy Economics, Energy Conservation Policy
Environment, Energy and Economics of China

Education Master Degree of Economics, Doctor course of Energy Science
  • Sustainable development of China: Challenging the resource and environment limitation (2010,, Ohmsya press, co-works)
  • The one hundred years’s history of energy consrvation in Japan (2009, International petroluem economics)
  • Energy outlook of Asia and world, 2007 (2007, Energy Economics)
  • The petroleum substitution potential for automobile in China (2006, Energy Economics)
  • The energy conservation potential for automobile in China (2006, Energy Economics)
  • Forecasting the motorization in China using the income distribution curve, (2006, Energy Economics,)
  • The enegy conservation petential in China, (2003, Energy Economics)
  • Editor of China energy journal, International petroleum economics.