Director, Senior Research Fellow, Planning & Administration Unit
Specialty:Economic Analysis, Demand Forecasting, International Cooperation, Coal


1983 Muroran Institute of Technology
1983 Taiheiyo Coal Mining Co.,

Researcher, International Cooporation Department, IEEJ

2000 Senior Researcher, International Cooporation Department, IEEJ
2002 Group Leader, International Cooporation Department, IEEJ

Group Leader, Project Research Group 2, Project Research Unit, IEEJ


Group Leader, Oil & Gas Group, Industrial Research Unit, IEEJ

2006 Group Leader, Cooperative Research Group, IEEJ
2009 Director, Planning & Administration Unit, IEEJ
2013 Director, Senior Research Fellow, Planning & Administration Unit, IEEJ

Research Projects

  • Study on Domestic Natural Gas Promotion Plan in Tanzania (2017)
  • Study on Natural Gas Utilisation in Republic of South Africa (2016)
  • The Project for Review of the Natural Gas Utilization Master Plan in Tanzania (2014)
  • Data Collection Survey on Long-term Energy Policy in ASEAN (2013)
  • Preliminary Assessment on Energy Sector in Lao People’s DemocraticRepublic (2012)
  • The Study on Energy Efficiency in South Africa (2012)
  • Study on Cross-border Energy Security for Power Sector in The MekongRegion (2011)
  • Study on Collecting Information and Verification on Promotion of Utilizationof Clean Energy Sources (2011)
  • Review of National Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Saudi Arabia (2010)
  • Study on the Institutional Framework of Energy Efficiency and Conservationthrough Energy Audit and Roadmap for GHG Mitigation in The Republic of Indonesia (2009)
  • Study for Energy Diversification Enhancement by Introducing LNG OperatedPower Generation Option in Sri Lanka (2009)
  • The Study on Master Plan for Energy Conservation and Effective Usein the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (2008)
  • Capability Enhancement on Energy Policy and Planning for a More Effectiveand Comprehensive Philippine Energy Plan (PEP) Formulation (2007)
  • Study on National Energy Master Plan in Vietnam (2006)
  • The Master Plan Study on Oil Stockpiling and Distribution & StorageSystems in Vietnam (2005)
  • The Development Study on The Improvement of Power Distribution Systemof Andhra Pradesh in India (2003)
  • Energy Conservation Study in APEC Countries (2002)
  • Study on Coal Industry development in Indonesia (2002)
  • Master Plan Study on Natural Gas Industry Development in Philippines (2002)
  • Study on Rural Electrification Project by Renewable Energy in Laos (2000)
  • Integrated study on coal transportation system in Indonesia (2000)
  • The study for the introduction of integrated photovoltaic system in Syria (1999)
  • The study on the promotion of photovoltaic rural electrification in Zimbabwe (1998)
  • The study on the model building for economic development in Indonesia(1998)
  • The study on the comprehensive coal development and utilization plan in Mongolia (1996)
  • The study on the comprehensive energy development plan in Iran (1994)