SAKAMOTO, Toshiyuki
OMORI, Yoshihiko

Board Member, Director, in charge of Fossil Energies & International Cooperation Unit,
Manager, Coal Group

Mr. Omori worked in private sector at energy company for 30 years, 2 years for Japanese Government and thereafter was appointed to the current position in June 2020.

- Academic Background -
1986 BA of Economics, The University of Tohoku, Japan,
2003 MBA, The University of Aoyamagakuin
- Professional Career -
2009 Group Manager, Crude Oil Trading Group, Overseas Business Dept, Nippon Oil Corporation (ENEOS)
2010 Managing Director, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Europe, Co., Ltd (ENEOS)
2014 Deputy General Manager, Business Development Dept, Southeast Asia, JX Nippon Oil & Energy (ENEOS)
2017 Deputy General Manager, Singapore Office, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (ENEOS)
2018 Director for social structure, The Cabinet Office, Regulatory Reform Promotion, Japanese Government (sent on loan from ENEOS)
2020 Board Member, Director, IEEJ


  • Secretariat, German-Japanese Energy Transition Council, MET
  • Committee member, Domestic Methane hydrate development project evaluation committee, METI etc.