IKARII, Ryohei
IKARII, Ryohei

Senior Economist, Econometric and Statistical Analysis Group (ESA), Energy Data and Modelling Center (EDMC)

Specialty: Energy Economics, Econometrics, Development Economics

Dec 2018

The Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy, Master of International Development Economics

March  2000

Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Master of International Public Policy

March 1998 Osaka University, Bachelor of Law
April 2020

The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

March 2019

Japan Internationational Cooperation Agency

Jan 2018

ANU Development Policy Centre

Apri 2013

The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

April 2000

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.


  • Bangladesh Integrated Energy and Power Maste Plan (FY2021-2022), JICA.
  • Preparation of Energy Outlook and Analysis of Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region (2013-2015, 2020-2022), ERIA.


<Peer-reviewed Papers>

  • Ikarii, R, Yumiko, I & Matsuo, Y 2022, ‘Myanmar’s Optimal Power Generation Mix and Grid Interconnection Considering Climate Policies: A Quantitative Analysis Using a Cost Minimization Model’, Journal of Japan Society of Energy and Resources, vol. 43, no. 5, pp.186-196 (Only Abstract for English)
  • Ikarii, R 2019, ‘Do high renewable energy targets hinder donor-funded rural electrification in Pacific island countries?’, The Journal of Pacific Studies, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 30-51.

<Other Papers>

  • Ikarii, R 2020, ‘COVID-19: Impacts of Lower Oil Export Revenues on the Finances of Gulf Oil-producing Countries’, IEEJ Energy Journal, vol.15, no. 4, pp. 8-12.
  • Hirai, H, Shibata, Y, Ikarii, R, Lu, Z & Kawakami, Y 2017, ‘Thinking about Hydrogen Town -Energy System as Social Infrastructure-’, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan. (Only Summary for English)


  • ASEAN+3 Energy Security Forum (FY2021-2022)
  • 2018 Pacific Update


  • Hydrogen Economist Project of the Year, issued by Petroleum Economist (2020)