HIRAI, Harumi
HIRAI, Harumi

Senior Coordinator (Petroleum Economist), Assistant Director
Energy Data and Modelling Center (EDMC)
Fossil Energies & International Cooperation Unit

Study of Downstream of Oil Induistry (Refining,Distribution and Petrochemicals)
Study of Alternatives fuel and Energy Conservation
Study of Petroeconomics on Logistics and War

1982 Bachelor of Applied Chemistry,Faculty of Technology,Tokyo University
1982 Mizushima Refinery and Technical Dept in Kyodo Oil Co.(JX Nippon Oil & Energy Co.)
1992 Embassy of Japan in IRAN
1994 Demand and Supply Coordination Dept in Japan Energy Co.(JX Nippon Oil & Energy Co.)
2005 The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan


1.Planning for Stockpiling of Petroleum Products and Crude Oils in Vietnam (2006)
2.The Current Situations and Future Trends in Iranian Oil Refinery (2007) *
3.Demand & Supply Analysis on Petroleum Products and Crudes for Asia and the World (2008)
4.Political Economy of Gasoline–History of Aviation Gasoline and Octane Number 100 (2011)*
5.Prospects for Japan Oil Industry after 3.11 – Octane Number of Gasoline and D&S (2012)*
6.Japan’s Ethanol Introduction and Outstanding Issues (2007)
7.Current Status and Future Prospects for Synthesis Fuel as Motor Fuel (2008)*
8.Current Status and Future Prospects for Hydrogen as Motor Fuel (2009)

Note: * is published only in Japanese version

Activity on Committee etc.

  • Japan Institute of Energy, The Military History Association of Japan