The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Summer Seminar on Energy

The Institute holds a Summer Seminar every year for member organizations and the public. The three-day, live-in seminar is designed for participants to practice developing, among other things, "long-medium term scenarios" in terms of energy security, and to make recommendations based on the scenarios in order to enable management personnel to prepare for the future.

Participants in the seminar form small classes and hold discussions to develop scenarios with help from researchers who work at the Institute. By means of these discussions they attempt to abstract important points that can influence the strategy of their organizations. After agreeing on such points, they discuss whether or not decisions based on the present strategy can be effective in the future, in view of the points that have arisen. Finally, they recommend ways in which the organizations can make correct decisions for management.

The seminars provide excellent opportunities for participants not only to obtain know-how on planning the strategy of their organizations but also to expand and exchange their expertise and that of their organizations by spending time together under the same roof.

Details of the coming seminar will be made available in June.