Concurrent Sessions

TUESDAY February 21, 9:15 - 10:45 AM, SESSIONS 13 - 18

SESSION 13, HALL I, Electricity Market Reform
Chair: XXX - Forum

Impacts of Market-Oriented Electricity Reform on Economic Growth: A Case Study for 19 OECD Countries and 7 Australian Sates
Reza Fathollahzadeh Aghdam - King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Deepak Sharma - University of Technology, Sydney
Mohsen Al-Hajji - King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Talat Ulussever - ditto

Abstract / Paper

An Analysis of Electricity Supply Costs in Japan with an Option of Low-grade Coal Utilization
Hiromi Yamamoto - Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Hideto Miyachika - S.R.C Inc.

Abstract / Paper

New Formula for the Costs Estimation of Generating Electricity
Kazuhiro Ueta - Kyoto University
Abstract / Paper

The Impacts of Electricity Industry Reforms on Electricity Prices
Muyi Yang - University of Technology, Sydney
Deepak Sharma - ditto

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 14, HALL II, CO2 Emission Sectral Analysis
Chair: Dr. Ralph Samuelson, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre

Modelling the Demands for Energy and Materials in Chinafs Iron and Steel Industry
Timothy J. Considine - University of Wyoming
Xiaoli Zheng - ditto
Abstract / Paper

The Power Sector Cost of CO2 Emissions Reduction in ASIA and the PACIFIC - Toward EstablishingLow-Carbon Societies
Naoko Doi - Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Abstract / Paper

The Impacts of Carbon Tax on Sectoral Competitiveness in China
Cai Shenghua - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Bi Qinghua - ditto
Fan Ying - ditto
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 15, Room A, Energy Security II
Chair: XXXX

Renewable Energy and Energy Security ? The Case of Taiwan
Shyh-Wei Chen - Chung Yuan Christian University
Shih-Mo Lin -ditto

Abstract / Paper

Natsural Gas Trade and Energy Security in the Asia Pacific
Peter Hartley - Rice University
Abstract / Paper

The Security of Energy and Regional Cooperation in Asia
Hiroyuki Ishida - Aoyama Gakuin University
Abstract / Paper

Remodeling Energy Cooperation Scheme in North East Asia -Beyond the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident-
Yu Shibutani -Institute of Asia - Pacific Studies, Waseda University and Energy Geopolitics of Japan Limited.
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 16, Room B, Energy Market
Chair: Professor Eunnyeong Heo, Seoul National University

Energy Market Integration and Economic Convergence: Implications for East Asia
Yu Sheng -The Australian National University
Xunpeng Shi - Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia
Abstract / Paper

Price Control, Imperfect Capital and Labor Market and Disinvestment Effect in Electricity Industry -A Computable General Equilibrium Approach
Davood Manzoor - Imam Sadiq University
Iman Haqiqi - ditto
Mohammad Ebrahim Aghababaei - University of Tehran

Abstract / Paper

Causality between the Prices of Main Product and Byproduct: Metals Used for Thin-Film PV Cells
Haeyeon Kim - Seoul National University
Eunnyeong Heo - ditto
Abstract / Paper

Effects of M&A in the Renewable Energy Sector: An Event Study Analysis
Kyungjin Yoo - Seoul National University
Youah Lee - ditto
Hyukjoon Choi - ditto

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 17, Room C, Energy Demand (II)
Chair: Professor Tetsuo Tezuka, Kyoto University

Angat - Pampanga River - Manila Bay Ecosystem Renewable Energy and Fuel Cell Research and Development Project
Almario Epifanio Cao - Bulacan Sate University
Abstract / Paper

Energy Commodities for Economic Growth of Brunei
Saiful Islam Zawawi Bahar - Institute Technology Brunei Universityo
Abstract / Paper

Estimate of the Electricity-Saving Effects Taking Account of Temperature Change Effects in the Service Areas of Tokyo Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power
Yu Nagatomi - The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Abstract / Paper
Selection of Alternative Industries in Resource-based Cities: A Case Study of Jiaozuo, China
Long Ruyin - China University of Mining and Technology
Li Huijuan - ditto
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 18, Room D, Green Energy
Chair: Luke Leaver MS, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre

A Study on a Relationship between Cognition of Greenery Environment in Residential Area and Energy-Saving Lifestyle in Japan
Miyoko Shimokawa - Asahi Kasei Homes Corp.
Tetsuo Tezuka - Kyoto University
Abstract / Paper

A Pre-Feasibility Test for Promoting Renewable Hybrid System in Ulleung Island by 2030
Seulgi Cho - Ajou University
Minho Baek - ditto
Suduk Kim - ditto

Abstract / Paper

A Novel Methodology for Improving the Design of Community Scale Energy Systems
Sayyed Mohammad Sanaei - Tohoku University
Toshihiko Nakata - ditto
Abstract / Paper

Consumerfs Expected Reaction and Prefered Survice toward Deployment of AMI in Taiwan
Che-yu Chang - Industrial Technology Research Institut
Abstract / Paper