Concurrent Sessions

WEDNESDAY February 22, 9:15 - 10:45 AM, SESSIONS 25 - 30

SESSION 25, HALL I, Energy Demand and Social Structure
Chair: Youngho Chang, Nanyang Technological University

Analysis of Decision-making in Electrical Devices Use in Indonesian Households
Muhammad Ery Wijaya - Kyoto University
Tetsuo Tezuka - ditto

Abstract / Paper

Impacts of Renewable Energy Promotion on Income and Employment in the Republic of Korea
Hi-chun Park - Inha University
Yoon-Kyung Kim - Ewha Womans University

Abstract / Paper

A Path towards Strong Sustainability
Youngho Chang - Nanyang Technological University
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 26, HALL II, Carbon Market and CDM Project
Chair: XXXX - Forum

The Impact of the Carbon Market on the Stock Price of Electricity Companies: Further Evidence from the European Context
Yuan Tian - Griffith University
Alexandr Akimov - Griffith University
Eduardo Roca - Griffith University
Victor Wong - Griffith University
Abstract / Paper

An Econometric Analysis on the CER Issuance Rates of CDM Projects
Kenta Ofuji -University of Aizu
Naoki Tatsumi -Tohoku Electric Power Co.

Abstract / Paper

Lessons Learned and Suggestions from Carbon Certificates Program in Korea
Kyung-Hee Kim - Seoul National University
Yeon-Sang Lee - Korea Energy Management Corporation
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 27, Room A, Smart Grid and Electricity Network
Chair: Dr. Fereidoon Sioshansi, Menlo Park Energy Co.

Financing Smart Grid Systems in China
Tao Zhang - University of Nottingham
Xi Liang - State Grid Energy Research Institute, China - University of Exeter
Loi Lei Lai - City University London

Abstract / Paper

Power Grid Interconnection in Northern Europe
Yuliya Pidlisna - BI Norwegian Schoole of Business
Abstract / Paper

Analysis of Monthly Power Demand in Korea Using Panel Model
Zulfikar Yurnaidi - Ajou University
Jayeol Ku - ditto
Songnian Chen - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Suduk Kim - Ajou University

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 28, Room B, Low Carbon Transportation
Chair: Professor Carol Dahl, Colorado School of Mines

Potential for Low Transport Energy Use in Developing Asian Cities through Compact Urban Development
Luke H T Leaver - Asia-Pacific Energy Research Centre
Ralph Samuelson - ditto
Jonathan D Leaver - Unitec Institute of Technology
Abstract / Paper

Low Carbon Road Passenger Transportation System Design using combined Energy and Materials Flows in Colombia
Juan C. Gonzalez Palencia - Tohoku University
Takaaki Furubayashi - ditto
Toshihiko Nakata - ditto

Abstract / Paper

The Energy and GHG Emissions Impact of Alternative Personal Transport Decisions in China Through 2050
Paul N. Kishimoto - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sergey Paltsevy - ditto
Valerie J. Karplusz - ditto
Abstract / Paper

Rationalizing Transport Fuels Pricing Policies and Effects on Global Fuel Consumption
Carol A. Dahl - Colorado School of Mines and King Saud University
Yahya Faissal Anouti - Colorado School of Mines

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 29, Room C, Towards Low Carbon Society
Chair: Professor Peter Pearson, Cardiff University

Recent Development of Bio-fuel Policies and Regulations in Taiwan
Yueh-Hsun Tsai - National Yulin University of Sci. & Tech.
Vicky H.B. Tan - ditto
Abstract / Paper

World Natural Gas Endowment as a Bridge Towards Zero Carbon Emissions
Roberto F. Aguilera - Curtin University
Roberto Aguilera - University of Calgary

Abstract / Paper

Energy Supply and Demand Analysis for Asia and the World up to 2035 and 2050
Yuhji Matsuo - The Institute of Energy Economics, JAPAN
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 30, Room D, Energy Water, Food
Chair: Professor Kenichi Matsui, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Economic Evaluation of Household Solid Waste Management in Jakarta, Indonesia
Aretha Aprilia - Kyoto University
Tetsuo Tezuka - ditto
Gert Spaargaren - Wageningen University

Abstract / Paper

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus: Implications for Policy-Making
Ravindra Bagia - University of Technology, Sydney
Deepak Sharma - ditto
Abstract / Paper