Concurrent Sessions

TUESDAY February 21, 1:30 - 3:00 PM, SESSIONS 19 - 24

SESSION 19, HALL I, Energy Security III
Chair: Professor Anthony Owen, UCL School of Energy and Resources

Environment Cooperation Between Oil Exporting and Importing Countries for Climate Change
Tetsuo Arii - Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum
Abstract / Paper

Geopolitics of the Russian Factor in Northeast Asian Energy Security : Can We Overcome Sino-Russian Distrust for Regional Cooperation?
Shoichi Itoh - Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Abstract / Paper

How to achieve GHG Mitigation Target and Enhance Energy Security in Japan after 311
Junichi Fujino - National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 20, HALL II, Energy Demand III
Chair: Professor Tesuo tezuka, Kyoto University

New Evidence on Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus from the Four Asian Economies
Bwo-Nung Huang - National Chung Cheng University
Chin Wei Yang - Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Abstract / Paper

Interfuel relationships of a developing and developed country: Korea vs. Japan
Jihyo Kim - Seoul National University
Eunnyeong Heo - ditto

Abstract / Paper

An Examination of Future Energy Mix in the Three Northeast Asian Countries and Its Implication
Eunju Min - Ajou University
Yanping Zhang - ditto
Suduk Kim - ditto
Abstract / Paper

Forecasts for Energy Developments in China, Japan, and Korea based on the Global Energy Model
Savin Vladislav V. - ERIRAS
Filippov Sergey P. - ERIRAS
Beresentsev Mikhail M. - RKS
Marchenko Olev V. - ESI SO RAS
Solomin Sergey V. - ESI SO RAS
Lebedev Alexander V. - RZD

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SESSION 21, Room A, Low Carbon Technology
Chair: Luke Leaver MS, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre

Consideration about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain LCOE
Mario Valentino Romeri -Independent Consultant
Abstract / Paper

The New Development for Low Carbon Technology
Bing-Chwen Yang - Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre
Kenji Kobayashi - ditto
Yie-Zu Hu - Industry Technology Research Institute

Abstract / Paper
An Analysis of Fuel Cell Technology for Sustainable Transport in Asia
Gareth E. Haslam - United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS)
Joni Jupesta - UNU-IAS
Govindan Parayil - UNU-IAS

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 22, Room B, Crude Oil Price
Chair:Professor Huei-Chu Liao, Tamkang University

The Story behind the Wider Spread between WTI and Brent: Are Crude Oil Market Globalized or Regionalized
Huei-Chu Liao - TamKang University
Ho-Chuan Huang - TamKang University
Shu-Chuan Lin - National Taipei University
Abstract / Paper

The Roles of Futures Market Hedgers and Speculator: Nymex Natural Gas and Crude Oil D
Ronald D. Ripple - Curtin University of Technology
Abstract / Paper

A Projection of Future Oil Prices up to 2030
Larry C.H. Chow - Hong Kong Baptist University
Abstract / Paper

SESSION 23, Room C, Nuclear Risk, Economic Viability and Energy Safety
Chair: Professor Anthony D. Owen, UCL School of Energy and

Evaluating Policies towards an Optimal Exposure to Nuclear Risk
Jakob Eber - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Abstract / Paper

The Economic Viability of Nuclear Power Plants in Liberalised Power Markets
Anthony D Owen - UCL School of Energy and Resources
Abstract / Paper

Energy Perspective and Nuclear Role after Fukushima Daiichi Accident
Hiroshi Ujita - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tetsuo Yuhara - The Tokyo University
Fengjun Duan - ditto
Abstract / Paper

The Economic and CO2 Emission Effects of Japanfs Denuclearization and Renewable Energy Promotion after the Tohoku- Pacific Ocean Earthquake ? Some Implications resulted from the Integrated Model-sectoral Macroeconomy and Energy -
Shota Higashikura - Kyoto University
Tetsuo Tezuka - ditto
Hideaki Fujii - Kyoto Sangyou University
Takayuki Takeshita -Tokyo University

Abstract / Paper

SESSION 24, Room D, Energy Intensity
Chair: Dr. Ralph Samuelson, Asia Pacific Energy research Cenrte

The Relationship between Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Yi-Huey Lee - Nanhua University
Mu-Hui Chiu - ditto
Yu-Bo Suen - ditto
Abstract / Paper

The Unexpected Challenges of Using Energy Intensity as a Policy Objective: Examining the Debate over the APEC Energy Intensity Goal
Ralph D. Samuelson - Asia-Pacific Energy Research Centre
Abstract / Paper

Energy Consumption in the Industrial sector in the United States of America and China, a comparison of current and future energy intensities
Gayathiri Bragatheswaran - Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre
Abstract / Paper

Long Term Energy System Analysis of Japan after March 11, 2011
Atsushi Kurosawa - The Institute of Applied Energy
Naoto Hagiwara - ditto

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