The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan


Senior Coordinator, Global Energy Group 1, Strategy Research Unit

Middle East (mainly United Arab Emirates)
Energy Policy (mainly Oil Industry)

1978 graduated from Keio University
1978 joined to Daikyo Oil Co., Ltd.
2003 seconded to Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East
2006 seconded to Cosmo Research Institute Co., Ltd.
2011 seconded to IEEJ
2016 joined to IEEJ
  • Survey Research for Energy Policy on each Country (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Study for Asian Energy Demand and Supply Outlook (2011)
  • Study of Evaluation by Export for Incident of Nuclear Plant (2011)
  • Study of the Current Status and Issues of Emergency Response Measures of Major Asian Countries (2011)
  • Survey Research for Nuclear Power Generations on each Country (2012)
  • Survery Research on Future Prospect of Petroleum Trade in Asia (2012)
  • Survey Research for Energy Balance on East Asian Countries and ASEAN Countries (2013)
  • Survey Research for Demand/Supply Balance of Coal on Asian Pacific and Atlantic Ocean (2013)
  • Survey Research for Influences to Economy and Industries by Shale Revolutions (2013)
  • Survey Research for Energy Balance and Distribution in Asia (2013)
  • Survey Research for Influences to Oil Industries in Asia by Shale Revolutions (2014)
  • Survey Research for Country Risk of Mozambique (2015)
  • The Effect of Crude Oil Price Drop in Global Energy Market (2015)
  • Forecasting of Fossil Fuel Production for EAS 16 Member Countries (2015)
  • Impact of Low Oil Price on Energy Security (2016)
  • Changes in US Energy Policies by the New US Administration (2016, Part of Petroleum)
  • Course of Renewal for ADCO Concession Expiring in 2014 (Aug. 2012)
  • Abu Dhabi Energy Policy –Energy Problems Plaguing Abu Dhabi and Their Implications for Japan (Aug. 2013)
  • “Growing Energy Problem in Asia”, Energy Forum, (Dec.2013, Part of Middle East)
  • Fujairah which becomes the hub of the Energy Trading in UAE (Jul. 2014)
  • Impacts of Weak Oil Prices on Fiscal Conditions in Middle East Oil-Producing Countries (Jun. 2015)
  • "International Energy situation and Japan", Energy Forum, (Sep. 2015, Part of Middle East)
  • Changes in the Energy Policy of Abu Dhabi Emirate due to Stagnant Oil Price (Jun. 2016)