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Fossil Power Plant Capacity Utilization Rate Falling in China
08/18/2017 Lu Zheng
Category:Energy General, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Electric Power
Japan’s LNG Demand in FY2018: Impact of Economic Growth and Nuclear Plants’ Restart: A Japanese Perspective on the International Energy Landscape (336)
08/17/2017 Ken Koyama
Category:Energy General, Natural Gas, Nuclear Power Generation, Supply and Demand Outlook
The Future of Nuclear in French and European Energy Policy and Strategy
06/14/2017 Jean Pierre Favennec (IFP School)
Category:Energy General, Nuclear Power Generation
An Analysis on the Impacts of Carbon Pricing on the Profit of Power Generation Sector
04/10/2017 Yu Nagatomi
Category:Energy General, Electric Power
Review of CO2 Emission Cutbacks with Electric Vehicles in China
04/06/2017 LU Zheng
Category:Energy General, Environment, Electric Power, New / Renewable Energy
Global Warming Measures and Nuclear Energy’s Roles
02/27/2017 Tsutomu Toichi
Category:Energy General, Environment, Nuclear Power Generation, Article on Papers & Magazines


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