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Estimation of Changes in the Electricity Demand Curve under the State of Emergency
Estimation Using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

28/10/2020 Yu Nagatomi, Natsumi Aizawa, Hideaki Okabayashi, Yuji Matsuo


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COVID-19 countermeasures’ impacts on electricity demand and wholesale prices(data in major countries) Updated version
10/23/2020 Junichi Ogasawara, Hiroko Nakamura, Masato Ishikawa, Yasuhide Arai, Seiya Endo
Category:Energy General, Electric Power, Supply and Demand Outlook
Analysis of low-voltage power market competition four years after electricity retail deregulation
10/23/2020 Hideaki Okabayashi
Category:Energy General, Electric Power
Video Session 1: “Is it possible to fully decarbonize the global supply of energy by 2050?"
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Nuclear Power Generation, New / Renewable Energy
Webinar “Unlocking Reductions in the Construction Costs of Nuclear: A Practical Guide for Stakeholders” Video
09/18/2020 Dr. Sama Bilbao Y León, Dr. Michel Berthélemy, Mr. Antonio Vayá Soler (OECD-NEA), Tomoko Murakami(IEEJ)
Category:Energy General, Nuclear Power Generation



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