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Energy Demand and Supply Outlook for 2050 in US Building Sector
09/11/2008 Ryoichi Komiyama
Category:Energy General, New / Renewable Energy, Supply and Demand Outlook
Japan's Biodiesel Fuel Introduction
08/29/2008 Harumi Hirai, Yu Nagatomi
Category:New / Renewable Energy
Overview of CAFE Standards and The Estimation of Petroleum Saving Potentials by Japanese Automobiles in the United States
05/20/2008 Ryoichi Komiyama
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Environment, Petroleum
Japanese Experience Toward Energy Efficient Economy
11/29/2007 Kensuke Kanekiyo
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation
Japan's Ethanol Introduction and Outstanding Issues
10/10/2007 Yuji Morita, Harumi Hirai, Tetsuya Nakanishi
Category:New / Renewable Energy
Energy Intensity of GDP as an Index of Energy Conservation
08/28/2007 Shigeru Suehiro
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation
Setting Goals and Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Improvement
07/18/2007 Kokichi Ito
Category:Energy Conservation
Alternative Fuel Implementation Policy in China and its Assessment
05/15/2007 Yue ZHANG, Chong Siang CHEW
Category:Energy General, Petroleum, New / Renewable Energy
China’s Medium to Long-term Renewable Energy Development Plan
02/23/2007 Chew Chong Siang
Category:New / Renewable Energy


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