JODI World Database Updated


JODI World Database Updated
JODI World Database:
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Description of JODI

 JODI stands for “Joint Organisation Data Initiative” and the objective of this Initiative is to collect monthly oil and gas data (production, trade, demand, and stock) and provide world energy demand and supply information to contribute in stabilizing energy prices. 100 countries / economies have participated in JODI Oil representing more than 90% of global oil supply and demand and 77 countries / economies have participated in JODI Gas representing nearly 90% of global natural gas supply and demand

 The feature of this initiative is to use data reported by each government and not estimated by experts. Seven international organizations, APEC, Eurostat, GECF, IEA, OLADE, OPEC, and the UNSD are cooperating on this initiative and each organization collects data from their member countries/economies every month and submits the data to IEF (International Energy Forum). IEF consolidates all the data submitted by the 7 organizations and posts the data in the online World JODI Database.

 The JODI Participation Assessment measures the degree of participation in the Initiative by each participating countries/economies in three measures: timeliness, completeness and sustainability expressed as Smiley Faces. The Participation Assessment is conducted biannually.

 IEEJ is in charge of data collection in APEC. Some countries/economies need to improve on timeliness, completeness, and data quality. As the coordinator of JODI in APEC, IEEJ continuously encourages member economies to work on these improvements.

 The contents of APEC’s Monthly Oil data are similar to the JODI Oil Database. APEC Monthly Gas Data and JODI Gas Data have small differences. APEC Monthly Gas Data starts from the fourth quarter of 2006 and includes origin of imports and destination of exports. The JODI Gas Database’s data starts from 2009 and does not include source of imports and destination of exports.

Please access JODI data and give us your comments and/or opinions if you have.

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