German-Japanese Energy Dialogue on the Occasion Of the Mission of the German Federal Foreign Office to Japan “Energy efficiency first” & “Deployment of renewables”:How to foster the energy transition?
15 November 2016, Tokyo


Speech1: “How can international cooperation drive the energy transition? The "German-  Japanese Energy Transition Council" (GJETC) as an example”

Prof. Dr.Peter Hennicke, Co-Chair, German-Japanese Energy Transition Council, Former President, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
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Mr.Hisashi Hoshi, Director, New and Renewable Energy & International Cooperation Unit, IEEJ *Presentation Material

Speech2:“Energy Efficiency as a key task for  the success of the energy transition”
Mr.Akihiro Kuroki, Managing Director, Global Environment &Sustainable Development Unit, IEEJ
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Speech3:“Integrated market deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energies”
Dr.Felix Christian Matthes, Research Coordinator, Energy & Climate Policy, Oeko-Institute e.V. *Presentation Material