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Contentions and Future Outlook of Green Power Certification in Japan
02/25/2004 Shinichi Nakakuki
Category:Environment, New / Renewable Energy
A study of the Challenges in Introducing Power Generation Using Biomass
02/12/2004 Yuichi Oki
Category:Energy General, New / Renewable Energy
Energy saving Potential of China
10/09/2003 Shen Zhongyuan
Category:Energy Conservation
How the World's Energy Supply-Demand/Trade Structures Have Changed during 30 Years since the Oil Crises ?
10/09/2003 Kazuya Fujime
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal
Discussion Points in Japan's Renewable Energy Promotion Policy -Effect, Impact and Issues of the Japanese RPS-
09/03/2003 Shinichi Nakakuki, Hiroki Kudo
Category:Environment, New / Renewable Energy
Impact Assessment of Advancing ICT Orientation on Energy Use -Consideration of A Macro Assessment Method - Executive Summary
05/20/2003 Hiroyuki Ishida Yanagisawa Akira
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Supply and Demand Outlook
Energy and Environmental Problems behind China's High Economic Growth
03/20/2003 Li ZhiDong
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Environment, Supply and Demand Outlook
Impact Assessment of Advancing IT Orientation on Forms of Energy Use
12/26/2002 Hiroki Kudo
Category:Energy General, Energy Conservation, Environment
Research on Contribution of Steel Products to Society-wide Energy Conservation from LCA Perspectives (1)
11/26/2002 Yoshiki OGAWA, Hiroki KUDO, Kanji OTA, Yuichi OKI, Kotaro SAITO
Category:Energy Conservation, Environment


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